Automated Software Testing with Python Free Download

Automated Software Testing with Python. Learn about automated software testing with Python, BDD, Selenium WebDriver, and Postman, focusing on web applications

Welcome to the most comprehensive course on Automated Software Testing with Python on Udemy.

Testing automation doesn’t have to be painful. Software testing is an essential skill for any developer, and I’m here to help you truly understand all types of test automation with Python.

I’m Jose, software engineer and founder of Teclado. The focus of this course is on testing for the web—we’ll be working with REST APIs and web applications, and technologies such as unittest, Postman, and Selenium WebDriver.

Automated Software Testing with Python Description


  • We’ll give you a complete Python refresher, but some previous knowledge of programming will be helpful
  • Some knowledge of how web applications work
  • Understanding of REST APIs will be helpful, but not required

Automated Software Testing with Cypress [2020]

What you’ll learn

  • Everything you need to know about automated software testing with Python (and how to enjoy testing, too!)
  • Common pitfalls and best practices when writing automated tests
  • How to write complete system tests using Python and tools like Postman
  • Automate your application testing by setting up a continuous integration pipeline using Travis CI
  • Browser-based acceptance testing using Behave and Selenium WebDriver

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced students who want to learn about testing their Python applications to build more complete solutions
  • Professionals wanting to learn more about automated software testing in their workplace
  • Automated software testers and software developer

Automated Software Testing with Python Free Download

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