Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer [2020]

Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer [2020]. Learn great alternative to Cypress & Selenium with Google’s Puppeteer + Headless Chrome, Jest, Cucumber, Percy & more!

Welcome to Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer in this course we will discuss a complete working/understanding and hands on testing of applications using Google’s Puppeteer along with Mocha, Chai, Jest, Cucumber, Jest-Image-Snapshot, Jenkins and much more! We are going to start from the very basics of Puppeteer and slowly move to the advanced real world stuff and examples.

Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer [2020] Description


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge or any other programming language
  • Basic Test Automation knowledge would be advantage
  • Node installed
  • Text Editor installed

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Fast and Reliable Automated Testing with Puppeteer and Headless Chrome
  • Learn Great Alternative to Selenium and Cypress Frameworks
  • Learn Visual Regression Testing with Puppeteer + Percy
  • Learn Cucumber + BDD Integration
  • Learn Automation Framework Design and Patterns
  • Explore Test Runners such as Jest and Mocha-Steps
  • Learn how to use ES6+ with Babel and Puppeteer
  • Learn how to build Web Scraper with Puppeteer

Who this course is for:

  • Any developer who wants to start writing fast and reliable automated tests
  • Any javascript developer with absolutely no experience testing applications
  • Advanced programmers willing to become testing masters
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Selenium alternatives
  • Manual QA / Testers

Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer [2020] Free Download

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