Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project

Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project. Asp.Net Mvc, Asp.Net Core Mvc, Repository Pattern, Web Api, Asp.Net Identity, Entity Framework

By the end of this course, you will create all of the source code for a complete Asp .Net Mvc real-time project, with all features like page navigation with routing, CRUD operations with real databases, User registration and login with Asp .Net Identity, handle other aspects such as filters, layout views, validations, exception handling.

Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project Description


  • Good enough at C#.NET OOP concepts such as Classes, Objects, Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Bootstrap knowledge is must in order to understand UI part of this course
  • Basic knowledge of design patterns

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What you’ll learn

  • Confidently speak about MVC Architecture
  • Crack Asp .Net Mvc job interviews easier
  • Solve most common bugs and issues in Asp .Net Mvc applications
  • Working with Razor view engine, code like Pro
  • Secure Angular applications using the most-recommended – Asp .Net Identity
  • Interact with server using AJAX and build RESTful Services using Web API
  • Create real-world apps using Asp .Net Mvc 5
  • Create Asp .Net Mvc App Folder Structure with industry best practices like a Pro

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn MVC
  • Both beginners and experienced MVC developers

Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project Free Download

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