Arduino Programming and Hardware Fundamentals with Hackster

Arduino Programming and Hardware Fundamentals with Hackster
Arduino Programming and Hardware Fundamentals with Hackster Free Download. Learn electrical engineering basics to build circuits and program Arduino to make wearables, robots, and IoT devices
I designed this course with the absolute beginner in mind: if you do not have any experience with programming or electronics, that’s OK! The first few sections walk you through the basics behind programming in C/C++ as part of the Arduino framework as well as how to build simple circuits that flash lights and spin motors. Following that, we continue our adventure into making noise, sensing the environment, and building a robot. Finally, we dive into the world of IoT, where we learn how to pass messages over the Internet, which allows us to do things like turn on a light with our smartphone! Each video lecture is designed to give you one building block of knowledge. Almost every lecture is followed by a hands-on exercise where I ask you to expand on that building block or combine several previous blocks. I provide solutions to each exercise to help you learn. Additionally, most of the sections contain a project that challenges you to synthesize many of the concepts found in that section and from previous sections.

Arduino Programming and Hardware Fundamentals with Hackster Description


  • Be able to use a computer (Windows and Mac covered in the course, Arduino will also work on Linux)
  • Be able to solve simple algebra problems (e.g. find x in 2x+4 = 10)
  • If you wish to use the online Arduino simulator, no additional hardware is needed
  • For hands-on, an Arduino and supporting electronics are required (covered in Lecture 5)

What you’ll learn

  • Master the fundamentals of Arduino programming with C/C++
  • Build functioning circuits on a breadboard
  • Control sensors, robots, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices using Arduino
  • Write programs that perform basic math, light up LEDs, and control motors
  • Design circuits and write code for your own project

Who this course is for:

  • Makers, crafters, and students who are interested in adding electronics and interactivity to their projects
  • Entrepreneurs and engineers who are looking to prototype their next hardware product more quickly
  • Anyone curious about electronics and programming
  • Children over the age of 12

Arduino Programming and Hardware Fundamentals with Hackster Free Download

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