Apache Maven Beginner to Guru Free Download

Apache Maven Beginner to Guru Free Download. Master Apache Maven to Build and Deploy Your Java and Spring Boot Applications

Apache Maven is the most popular Java build tool. Companies and Open Source communities around the world, consider Apache Maven the ‘go-to’ build tool for their Java projects.

In this course, you will learn to master Apache Maven. You will become a ‘guru’ using Apache Maven.

Completing this course, you will be able to answer interview questions about Maven with confidence!

Even if you’e already a Java developer using Apache Maven, this course will improve your Maven skills and show you new valuable best practices for your Java projects.

Apache Maven Beginner to Guru Description


  • Must have knowledge of Java programming. (Java 1.8 or higher is ideal)
  • Computer capable of supporting Java 11 development with internet access
  • Fundamental XML knowledge helpful

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Apache Maven, the most popular Java build tool!
  • Create Apache Maven Projects from scratch
  • See how to configure Apache Maven Plugins for Real World use cases
  • Use Apache Maven to build, test, package, and deploy your Java application
  • See how to create multi-module Apache Maven projects
  • Configure Maven Plugins to work within Maven Build Lifecycles
  • Deploy your Java project to Maven Central or other Maven repositories
  • Leverage Apache Maven’s Convention over Configuration

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers seeking to master Apache Maven
  • DevOps Engineers who wish to expand their build and deployment skills
  • Technical Managers wishing to understand the capabilities of Maven better
  • QA Engineers interested in software quality

Apache Maven Beginner to Guru Free Download

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