Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps Free Download

Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps Free Download. Learn and practice advanced topics in Ansible including Roles, Jinja2, Lookups, Filter. Learn to develop custom modules.

This is the second course in the series on Ansible and in this course we will be focusing on advanced concepts in Ansible and some real life use cases. This course is for those with basic understanding of Ansible and are willing gain expertise in developing with Ansible.

The course introduces advanced topics such as roles, jinja2 templating, lookups, error handling, vault etc.  The course also discusses strategies, filters and plugins and how to develop custom ones yourself.

“This ansible course is very helpful for the folks who has some ansible background. At the end of the labs you can write ansible yamls without googling. Really good for Ex-407 exam” 

Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps Description


  • You should know basics of Ansible or must have attended the “Ansible for the Absolute Beginners” course
  • You should know the structure of YAML files and how to develop one
  • You should know how to write a basic Ansible Playbook
  • You should know the basic use cases of Ansible

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What you’ll learn

  • Develop Ansible Playbooks for advanced use cases
  • Learn about Ansible’s execution flow using Strategies
  • Learn how to handle errors during playbook execution
  • Learn about retrieving data from external sources using Lookups.
  • Use Ansible Vault for securing critical information
  • Understand and develop templating using Jinja2
  • Develop custom modules, filters and plugins
  • Develop and re-use custom Roles
  • Follow Ansible best practices during playbook development
  • Share work with Ansible Community using Ansible Galaxy
  • Use Dynamic Inventory in playbooks
  • Gain a good hands-on experience in developing playbooks

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Ansible
  • Anyone who is a System Administrator and wants to learn to automate using Ansible
  • Anyone who wants to learn Orchestration/Automation in cloud

Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps Free Download

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