Android Architecture Masterclass Free Download

Android Architecture Masterclass Free Download. Learn the best practices of clean design and architecture of Android applications

In this course you’ll learn the best practices of design and architecture which will allow you to make your Android project an oasis of clean, readable and maintainable code.

As you probably know, it’s relatively easy to start developing for Android. One can go from zero to publishing an app on Google Play in just few months. However, it’s equally easy to mess up your Android application with bad code. The symptoms are all too common: classes with thousands of lines of code, duplicated code all over the place, obscure naming, random structure of packages, Singletons, etc.

Android Architecture Masterclass Description


  • Hands-on experience with Android development

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What you’ll learn

  • Plant clean architectural infrastructure inside your Android application
  • Decouple user interface logic using MVx pattern
  • Achieve separation of concerns through Dependency Injection
  • Discover the real roles of Activities and Fragments
  • Multiple-Activity vs Single-Activity Android applications
  • Package-by-feature to reflect business domain with the structure of your code
  • Make sure your Android app never becomes spaghetti
Who this course is for:
  • Professional Android developers

Android Architecture Masterclass Free Download

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