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AlgoExpert – ML Expert Description

What is MLExpert?​

ML Crash Course​

Machine learning is a vast field with a lot of key concepts to know. Our crash course covers all of the fundamental building blocks you need to confidently dive into real-world machine learning. Learn more.

ML Coding Questions​

Contrary to popular belief, machine learning isn’t all theory and math. Our curated machine learning coding interview questions equip you with the practical skills you need to tackle real machine learning problems. Learn more.

Large-Scale ML​

It’s one thing to develop simple machine learning models, but it’s another thing entirely to design large-scale machine learning systems. Our Large-Scale ML course gives you the specialized knowledge to do just that. Learn more.

ML Design Questions​

Designing large-scale machine learning systems requires not only specialized knowledge but also targeted experience. Our ML design questions provide a one-of-a-kind package to prepare you for the toughest machine learning challenges. Learn more.

ML Quiz​

Machine learning interviews require a breadth of knowledge about machine learning. We’ve carefully curated a 75-question quiz to test your understanding of machine learning concepts and technologies.

Certificate Of Completion​

Completing all of the MLExpert coding questions and passing the MLExpert quiz requires knowledge, preparation, and effort. That’s why it’ll soon earn you a certificate of your machine-learning-interview preparedness.

What you will Learn?

  • Designing large-scale machine learning systems go beyond just machine learning fundamentals and requires a profound understanding of numerous specialized machine learning topics. The 16 modules that comprise our large-scale machine learning course build upon each other to give you an unparalleled education on machine learning at scale.
  • Machine learning mastery is built on extensive foundations in the areas of supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning, to name a few.
    Our machine learning crash course is intelligently organized into 18 modules, each covering a key concept and building upon the previous one. The result is a guided, comprehensive education that equips you with all the building blocks you need to successfully navigate any machine learning interview.

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AlgoExpert – ML Expert Free Download


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