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110 Hand-Picked Questions
Coding interview prep is a numbers game that many candidates lose. We’ve hand-picked 110 of the best coding interview questions to truly prepare you. Learn more.70+ Hours Of Video Explanations
Algorithms are tough to learn on paper. Each and every one of our questions is accompanied by a two-part video explanation to maximize learning. That’s over 70 hours of content, all at your fingertips. Learn more.Data Structures Crash Course
Data structures are the pillars of coding interviews. Our video series gives you the foundational knowledge you need to be well-versed in all of the popular data structures. Learn more.

Solutions In 9 Languages
Not everyone speaks the same programming language. We give you solutions to every single question in 9 different languages: JavaScript, Python, Swift, C++, Java, C#, Go, Kotlin, and TypeScript. Learn more.

Code-Execution Environment
Coding out solutions to algorithm problems is the best way to practice. Our code-execution environment lets you type out your answers and run them against our test cases right here on the website. Learn more.

Space-Time Complexity Analyses
Understanding how much memory an algorithm uses and how fast it runs is exceedingly important. All of our explanations include a rigorous space-time complexity analysis. Learn more.

AlgoExpert – Data Structures Crash Course

4 Curated Assessments
Real coding interviews are timed and have multiple questions. We’ve carefully curated 4 assessments to reflect what a real day of coding interviews might look like, filled with variety and appropriate difficulty.

Certificate Of Completion
Completing 100 questions on AlgoExpert is no easy feat. It takes time and effort, and it demonstrates a keen understanding of data structures and algorithms. Completing 100 AlgoExpert questions earns you a certificate of your coding-interview preparedness.

Mock Coding Interviews
There’s no better way to practice than by going through an actual coding interview with a real human being. We let you pair up with other people and do mock coding interviews on a shared workspace, right here on AlgoExpert. – Coding Interview Questions Free Download


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