[rockthejvm] Akka Remoting and Clustering with Scala

[rockthejvm] Akka Remoting and Clustering with Scala Free Download. Make it big. Learn to use the power of clustering for large-scale, reactive distributed systems.

[rockthejvm] Akka Remoting and Clustering with Scala Description

If you’re reading this, you’re not just familiar with Akka, but you’re probably pretty good already and you may have seen its power in action, like all these other places.

Here, we take things up a notch. We learn how to create truly distributed systems with distributed problems and distributed solutions. We spin up actors on other JVMs now. We learn to make many JVMs dance in clusters and handle things nicely if one stumbles.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • interact with actor systems on different JVMs or on other machines
  • remotely deploy actors on other JVMs, and use them like they were your own
  • use clustering for distributed fault-tolerant computation
  • configure clusters and transport protocols
  • coordinate large-scale distributed applications with Cluster Singleton
  • distribute massive actors and logic with Cluster Sharding
  • implement an imaginary London Tube infrastructure with clusters and sharding

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Skills you’ll get:

  • Work with remote actors
    • locate actors on other JVMs and other machines
    • effectively use ActorSelection for remote access
    • deploy actors remotely on other machines via configuration
    • deploy actors remotely at runtime
  • Distribute applications with Clustering
    • manage cluster membership
    • distribute tasks in a cluster
    • uniformly delegate tasks with cluster-aware routers
    • configure seed clusters
    • join any cluster programmatically at runtime
  • Benefit from truly distributed fault-tolerance
    • use Cluster Singleton in a distributed environment
    • manage the singleton life cycle
    • split a massive actor or massively distributed logic into shards
    • control how shards are created in a large-scale system
    • balance the load of your distributed systems with sharding techniques

all with live runnable examples and practice with exercises. We even create a simulation of the crowded London Underground system with Akka clusters and Cluster Sharding.

[rockthejvm] Akka Remoting and Clustering with Scala Free Download


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