Ahmad shadeed – Debugging CSS

Ahmad shadeed – Debugging CSS Free Download. An ebook with lots of tips and techniques on how to debug CSS the right way with easy and studied methods.

I reduced the time I spend on debugging and fixing CSS bugs from hours to minutes. In this book, I will explain everything I learned about debugging and finding CSS issues.

The current scene of debugging for CSS is confusing because there is no direct and clear way to debug CSS bugs. This book is intended to clear this up for you.

Ahmad shadeed – Debugging CSSDescription

What’s in the book

  • Introduction and Overview: A bit of history about debugging and how it evolved over the years.
  • Introduction to CSS Bugs: The type of CSS bugs and an explanation of each one with an example.
  • Debugging Environments and Tools:An extensive explanation about web browsers development tools and how to get benefit of them for debugging.
  • CSS Properties That Commonly Lead to Bugs: This is not your typical chapter that explain cool things about CSS. In this chapter, you will learn about the most common CSS properties issues and their solution.
  • Breaking a Layout Intentionally: There are many ways to break a layout in CSS, this chapter is intended to teach you a couple of useful methods.
  • Browsers Inconsistency and Implementation Bugs: Oh, it’s not fair to write a book about debugging CSS without mentioning browsers inconsistency and how to fix it.
  • General Tips and Tricks: Some delightful and useful tips that will make your life easier as a designer and a developer.

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What makes the book unique

  • Clear and direct approach: The book is written with the shortest possible amount of text content. It aimed for visual learners.
  • Real-life examples: All the examples in the book are things that you face in your day to day work. Nothing is abstract.
  • 140+ Custom illustrations: I tried to include an illustration to each example in the book. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Made by a designer-turned developer: What that means is you will find some little design related topics here and there.
  • The only book about debugging CSS: No one ever wrote an article or a detailed guide about such a topic. What if there is a book about it?
  • The order doesn’t matter: Do you like reading a book from end to start? It’s fine. The book was written so you can read it with the order you like.

Ahmad shadeed – Debugging CSS Free Download

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