Ifthaker – Adsense Arbitrage Masterclass ($250)

Ifthaker – Adsense Arbitrage Masterclass ($250)

Ifthaker – Adsense Arbitrage Masterclass ($250) Free Download. Now we are offering an Adsense arbitrage Masterclass where you will be able to make a profit and be financially independent!

Ifthaker – Adsense Arbitrage Masterclass ($250) Description

Adsense Arbitrage Course: Adsense arbitrage is a method where you buy traffic from other advertisers, especially Facebook and Taboola, or outbrain and sell that traffic to Adsense at a higher price. For example, let’s say you bought 100,000 users from Facebook at $1000, and among those 100,000 people 10,000 or 10% click on your Adsense ad. Adsense paid you $0.60 per click. $0.60×10,000= $6000 

So you made a total profit of $5000 which is 500%. Adsense arbitrage has been around for quite some time. But many people don’t know about this method. the last year 2020 I made $50,000 by spending only $12,000. This method is so easy you can start as much as only $10/day. All you need is a Facebook ad account and an Adsense account to make money. 

Ifthaker – Adsense Arbitrage Masterclass ($250) Free Download

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