[Academind] Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide

Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide Free Download. Learn how to manage your projects with Git & GitHub – No previous knowledge is required, everything explained for everyone in easy to understand examples!

This course will guide everyone (no prior knowledge is required!) through the core steps required to use these tools in your daily projects with ease.

Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide Description

What do I Learn in this Course?

This course starts at the very basics, no prior Git or GitHub knowledge is required! You’ll learn how to use Git and how to write Git commands in the Mac Terminal or the Windows Command Prompt (refreshers on both are also part of the course).

Starting with the first initialization of a so-called Git repository, we’ll build up your knowledge step-by-step and understand the what & why behind concepts like branches, commits, the staging area, merging & rebasing, cloning, pushing & pulling branches and a lot more!

Testing and Monitoring Machine Learning Model Deployments

What’s Inside this Course?

  • Git Download & Installation
  • Git Theory – Working Directory, Staging Area (Index) and Repository explained
  • Creating Git Repositories
  • Working with Commits
  • Understanding Branches
  • Understanding the HEAD and the detached HEAD
  • Newly Introduced Git Commands with Git Version 2.23
  • Deleting Data (Staged & Unstaged, Commits & Branches)
  • Ignoring Files
  • The Stash
  • Merging, Rebasing and Cherry Picking
  • Bringing Back Deleted Data with the Reflog
  • Connecting Local Git Repositories to Remote GitHub Repositories
  • Git Push & Pull (+ Fetch)
  • Local, Remote Tracking & Remote Branches
  • and so much more!

Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide Free Download


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