Academind – Accelerated JavaScript Training

Academind – Accelerated JavaScript Training Free Download. Take a deep dive into JavaScript, a must-know language in web development, with a hands-on, example-driven approach

Academind – Accelerated JavaScript Training Description

JavaScript is one of the most important parts of every modern, reactive, user-friendly Web Pages or Applications. Despite that fact, you might yourself know many tutorials which leave you with a lot of open questions or are good, but also a couple of years old!

Join this course to receive a hands-on, example-driven JavaScript Bootcamp, which will guide you through the amazing language of JavaScript. Beginning at the very basics, we will walk through the various characteristics and features, JavaScript offers.

Academind – Accelerated ES6 Training

Experienced Instructor

As a freelance web developer I use JavaScript a lot but I know that using it doesn’t necessarily qualify you to teach it well. That’s why I’m also proud to be a top-rated instructor as well as host of a successful learning YouTube channel.

I not only offer high quality videos and examples, I’m also there to help whenever you’re facing problems or do have open questions.

Academind – Accelerated JavaScript Training Free Download


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